TN 11th Public Computer Science Answer Key 2020 (Tentative) PDF available

The Tamil Nadu 11th Public Computer Science Answer Key 2020 (Tentative) & Question Paper download here, Check Part-1 one mark question & answers. The official key is published by board soon at official website. So students keep eye on recognized portal of DGE TN up to get the final version of solution paper.

Tamil Nadu Directorate of Government Examinations finally conducted Plus One Computer Science Public Examination as per the schedule i.e 13th March 2020 to students. These examination questions asked in both tamil & english languages.

Students who are attempt the 11th Computer Science Public Exam 13th March 2020 verify the tentative solutions here.

11th Public Computer Science Answer Key 2020

Question 1: Identify the output device

a). Mouse, b). Keyboard, c). Memory, d). monitor

Question 2: Which gate is called as the logical inverter

a). XNOR, b). AND c). OR d). NOT

Question 3: How many level of securities is provided by operating system to the user

a). 3, b). 2, c). 5 d). 4

Question 4: In windows applications which is the default folder to save files?

a). My computer, b). My document, c). My Pictures, d). Documents and settings

Question 5: After the assignments what values will be stored in the variables m,n?

1). m,n:=10,5 2). m,n:= m+3, n-2 3). m,n:=?,?

a). 3,13, b). 10, 13, c). 13, 3 d). 10, 5

Question 6:  How Many times the loop is iterated ? m”=0, while (m<5) m: =m+1

a). 10, b) 4, c). 5 d). 6

Question 7. The smallest individual unit in program is

a). Tokenss b). pseudo code c). Algorithm d). Flowchart

Question 8. Which of the following statement is used to terminate the execution of the loop

a). While b). goto c). break d). continue

Question 9). In C++ which function is used to check Whether a character is a alphanumeric or not ?

a). islower () b). isalpha () c). isdigit () d). isalnum ()

Question 10). int age []= {6,80, 75, 21, 10}; How many elements are there in this array

a). 4 b). 2 c). 5, d). 6

Tamil Nadu 11th Computer Science Public Exam Answer Key 2020

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11th Computer Science Public Exam Answer Key 2020

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