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The Witcher Season 2 IMDb Rating: Check Episode Wise Review Rating

The Witcher Season 2 IMDb Rating: The Witcher Season 2 now streaming on Netflix from 17th December 2021. Here it is the episode wise rating i.e Episode one is A Grain of Truth and rating is 9.0, Second Episode is Kaer Morhen and Rating is 8.2, Episode Three is What is Lost and Rating is 8.6, Episode Four is Redanian Intelligence and rating is 8.8.

The Withcer Season 2 Episode Five is Turn Your Back & Rating is 9.1, Six episode name is Dear Friend, rating is 9.0. Seventh episode is Voleth Meir and rating is 9.0, Eighth episode name is Family and Review Rating is 9.1. Synopsis of episode one is Geralt Sets Off With Ciri on a Journey that leads him to an old friend. After the battle of sodden, Tissaia Shows no mercy in her search information.

Episode 2 Synopsis is seeking a safe place for ciri, Geralt Heads for home, but danger lurks everywhere-even kaer morhen yennefer’s dreams could be the key to her freedom. To know latest entertainment alerts follow zeal study web portal.