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Telenor Quiz 28 January 2021: Check today quiz answers for all five questions

Telenor Quiz 28 January 2021 Questions Answers out. Todays’ first question is How much horsepower did the first Porsche 911 Have?. Also, second question is How many parts does the average car have. Here it is the today’s quiz third question is when was the first documented car accident. 4th Question is which model did Chevrolet ship vertically during the 1970s

5th Question is which automobile manufacturer was the first to offer seat belt as an option. Here in today’s quiz asking questions related to Porsche 911, Car Accidents and Chevrolet Ship and Seat Belt. So who are looking for quiz correct answers they are all verify the answers below. Also, follow zeal study web portal for upcoming updates. Before participating the quiz check terms and conditions

Telenor Quiz 28 January 2021

  • Answer For 1st Question is 130 HP
  • Answer For 2nd Question is 30,000
  • Answer For 3rd Question is 1891
  • Answer For 4th Question is Vega
  • Answer For 5th Question is Nash Motors.

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