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Technewztop Time Lock: How to install timing Screen lock app on your smart phone


Technewztop Time Lock install procedure provided here. Set timing screen lock app on your smart phone check procedure to install, what have to do after installing the app check now here and follow for more tech stories. Here provided the how to install on your device.

But install this app your own wish and check how it’s performed on your device. Initially visit google play store. Once visit the google play store type screen lock-time password (adria devs). Once displaying the app on play store proceed to install. This app size is 14.88 MB. Once install the app proceed to open the app and select enable lock i.e security type-current time.

Once select the app asking to given permission. After that asking recovery passcode. At that time choose your question, set answer and save the option and try the performance it’s working on your device or not. For more technology updates follow zeal study. Install the app on your device your own wish. Here provided details only information purpose.


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App Features 

  • Cool iPhone style lock screen for your android.
  • Support on most of android phone.
  • Fully customizable lock screen.
  • Highly secure lock screen.
  • One of the best parallax effect Lock.
  • Customize sliding text. You can put your name or your friend’s name on your lock screen.

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