Tech News Updates 5th March 2020: Realme 6, 6 pro, Google I/O

Check Tech News Updates 5th March 2020 for Realme 6, 6 pro, Google I/O Event, Curiosity Rover, Rockstar Games, 5G Whatsapp Video Call.

Realme 6, 6 Pro: Real 6, 6 Pro 64 MP Pro Camera, Pro Display launch today i.e 5th March 2020 in India. Fans across the globe can watch Real 6 Launch Events on youtube. Live steaming starts from 12.30 PM IST. Looking to buy Realme 6 Price is Rs 9,999 and Realme 6 Pro Price is Rs 13,999. The sale

Tech News Updates 5th March 2020: Google I/O

Google canceling a annual developer conference i.e Google I/O. Google I/O is the biggest event of the year 2020. The event canceling because of covid-19

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer: Rockstar Games will be released soon most awaited GTA 6 Trailer. Across the world huge number gaming lovers looking to check GTA 6 Trailer. So those who check respective trailer

OPPO: OPPO claimed they successfully conducting the first 5G whatsapp video call at Hyderabad R&D center.

Curiosity Rover’s : Curiosity Rover taken highest resolution panorama image of Mars. The image resolution size is 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama


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