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Tamil Nadu 12th Physics Public Exam 2020 Analysis Answer key

Check Tamil Nadu 12th Physics Public Exam 16th March 2020 Analysis, Answer Key: Students who are successfully completed +2 Economics Exam March 2020 verify Part-1 one mark question correct answers serial number wise.

The Tamil Nadu Directorate Government Examinations allotted B series Physics Question paper tentative answers verify now. Final 12th Physics Public Exam Answer Key 2020 released soon, Invites the objections online mode from the students.

Organization: Tamil Nadu DGE

Name Of The Exam: Plus Two Physics Public Exam

Exam Date: 16th March 2020

Total Marks For Exam: 70 Marks

Exam Duration: 3.00 Hours

Exam Language: Tamil, English Medium

Tamil Nadu 12th Physics Public Exam 2020 Analysis

Question Number 1: The frequency range of 30 MHz to 400 GHz is used for

a). Satellite communication

b). Ground wave propogation

c). Space wave propagation

d). Sky wave propagation

Question Number 2: In an oscillating LC circuit the maximum charge on the capacitor Q. The charge on the capacitor when the energy is stored equally between the electric and magnetic filed is

a). Q b). Q/2 c). Q/√3, d). Q/√2

Question Number 3: Type of material which emit white light in LED

a). GaInN b). Sic c). AIGap d). GaAsP

Question Number 4: A particle of mass m, carrying charge q is accelerated through a potential of V (Volt) When this accelerated charge comes under the influence of perpendicular magnetic filed, the force acting on it is

a). √zq³BV/m³, b). √zq³BV/m, c). √zq³B²V/2m d). √zq³B²V/m³

Question Number 5: Charging current for a capacitor is 0.2 A, find the displacement current

a). Zero, b). 0.2 A c). 0.4 A d). 0.1 A

Question Number 6: In Bohr Atom Model when the principal quantum number (n) increases the velocity of electron

a). Increases and then decreases b). increases c). decreases d). remains constant

TN 12th Physics Public Exam Answer Key 2020

Question: The nucleus is approximately spherical in shape. Then the surface area of nucleus having mass number A varies as

12th Public Exam Physics Answer Key 2020

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