Tamil Nadu 10th English Important Questions For Part 1, 2, 3

Padasalai 10th English Important Questions PDF for 1 mark, 2 mark, 3 mark, 4 mark, 5 mark. 8 marks for new and old syllabus students check & prepared for English Public Examination. SSLC Public Exam March 2020 held on 27th March 2020 different locations. The Directorate of Govt Examinations conducted TN SSLC English Public Exam behalf of Tamil Nadu Government.

Students aim for maximum marks at SSLC March 2020? let’s check one/ two/ three/ four/ five mark questions. The maximum marks for examination is 100. duration of the examination is 3 hours.

Tamil Nadu 10th English Important Questions 

Check Padasalai 10th English 1 Mark Important Questions

Question:- The common expansion of AIR is

a). All India Railways b). All India Rivers c). All India Radio d). All Indian Regions

Question:- Choose the sentence that is correct in its meaning

a). He wants to buy a flat b). He wants to by a flat

Question:- Which of the words given below can be placed after “safe” to form a compound word?

a). Chair b). guard c). shop d). van

Question:- What is the plural form of aquarium

a). aquariums b). aquari c). aquaria

Question:- The chief guest appreciated his perform

a). -ion b). -ness c). -ance d). -ic

Question:- The champion yielded to the strength of his opponent

a). gave on b). gave back c). gave in d). gave up

SSLC English 2 Marks Important Questions 

Question 1: Combine the two sentences into a single sentence. Kiran is very ill, She can not go to school today

Question 2: Rewrite the sentence using the passive voice. Santa claus gave sweets to all the children and they thanked him profusely

Question 3: From the context of the two sentences given below frame a single sentence using the “if clause. They evade taxation. They will be punished.

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