Sword Art Online: Progressive first trailer released. Visit sao-p.net web site

Sword Art Online Progressive first teaser released. Through Anime sword art online official twitter handle makers released the SAO Progressive animation project started visual and announcement video released. Also, through twitter handle official website name and announcement video attached. Official website address is sao-p.net

So from now to get any updates regarding SAO progressive follow the official website. Since teaser announcement posted on official twitter nearly gets 1,000 comments and 41,900 retweets and seventy four thousands likes. Here it is the poster of respective animation

Also once teaser uploaded at YouTube channel i.e Aniplex nearly 406,535 views and thirteen thousands likes and 127 dislikes.

Sward Art Online Progressive: Check how twitter reacts 

Through official teaser released some dialogues i.e 2022 October 6, That was the day When it all began.  Here it is how Twitter reacts about Trailer

Izuku: Sao Progressive Anime Announced . It’s a retelling of the original story (Aincrad) floor by floor without Time skip. For more updates follow zeal study online web portal