Sundari 17.8.22 Promo Preview: Sundari admitted hospital

Sundari 17.8.22 Promo Preview is Karthik, Krishna, Ganthimathi crying to seen sundari health condition. At that time anu phoned karthik and asked him why you can’t call and message me. At that time karthik informed her sundari health condition, what happened to her function hall. Once knowing about sundari health condition anu shocked.

At hospital Valliamma, Malini, Lakshmi, crying and suddenly valliamma fallen on the floor, Lakshmi asking to valliamma please don’t cry. After that Murugan verified the sundari health condition. Later Ganthimathi seen sundari sleep in unconscious mode with the help of ventilation and started crying. For more upcoming Sun TV Serial Spoilers follow zeal study web portal.

In previous episode Sundari informed murugan real character of Arun. Then murugan stops malini marriage, Sundari suggested to murugan krishna married malini. Then murugan accepted for that marriage, Krishna married malini. At that time sundari suddenly fallen on valliamma, Valliamma seen blood on sundari head and taken her to the hospital.