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SOPs Related To Exhibition Of Films: No exhibition of film in containment zones


SOPs related to exhibition of films with effective from 15th October 2020 and No exhibition of film shall be allowed in containment zones. Designated queue makers at entry and exit points of the auditorium and premises. Occupancy to be not more than 50% and seats not be occupied shall be marked as such during online booking.

Prominent display of posters, standees, AV media on preventive measures about COVID-19. Respiratory etiquettes to be strictly followed. Spitting to be strictly prohibited. Use of Araogya Setu App to be advised to all. Also, digital transactions should be the most preferred mode for tickets, food, and beverages etc.

Contact number shall be taken at the time of booking of tickets to facilitate contact tracing. Sufficient number of counters at the box office with adequate physical distancing norms. Also, temperature of all ACs in the range of 24-30c and humidity in the range of 40-70%.


Adequate cross ventilation, fresh air and avoiding recirculation of air. Staggered show timings shall be followed for multiple screens to avoid crowding. Intermission period and finish time of a show shall not overlap with commencement time, intermission period or finish time of another show.

Overcrowding to be avoid in the common areas, lobbies washrooms, parking lots and elevators, etc all times. At least 6 feet distance to be followed outside the auditoriums, common areas and waiting arrears at all times


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