Snehar Paras App Download now at website

Snehar Paras App download all West Bengal Migrant Workers. West Bengal Government (Department of Disaster Management and Civil Defence) due amid this global pandemic over COVID-19 spread launched a new scheme called as SNEHAR PARAS.

Through this scheme, government-provided financial assistance of one-time exgratia payment Rs/-1,000. This scheme only for workers who is residents of West Bengal stuck in other parts of the country due to COVID-19 lockdown.

So applicants who are eligible for the scheme check how to apply. Also, know the required details & documents to submit.

How To Download Snehar Paras App Download

The government of West Bengal launched West Bengal Migrant Worker Relief Scheme app (Snehar Paras App). This app was now available at website. To apply scheme required to install the app from google play store also.

Eligibility for the scheme

A worker of the state who is stranded in other parts of the country due to COVID-19 lockdown since 24th March 2020 (COVID-19) eligible for assistance

  • A worker is a resident of West Bengal
  • The worker is stranded of transportation and restrictions imposed on inter-state movement. Such worker shall apply for assistance
  • The applicant has provided details of either or Khadyasathi number or epic number or Aadhaar Number to prove that he is a resident of the state
  • District Magistrate/ Commissioner, KMC is satisfied applicant is actually stuck due to COVID-19 Lockdown and is a resident of WB

How To Apply West Bengal Sneher ParasĀ 

Applicant download Sneher Paras Mobile App from, filling the relevant information i.e Photograph, Details of Khadyasathi Number Or EPIC/ Voter ID or Aadhaar Card, Bank Account details, Mobile number. Also, details of local contact person (Name, Relationship and contact number of the contact person in West Bengal)

Download West Bengal Migrant Worker Relief Scheme App

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