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Sinopsis Ikatan Cinta 29 Januari 2021: Check Episode 141 Preview for today episode

Sinopsis Ikatan Cinta 29 Januari 2021 provided here. Today (Friday) Episode 141 aired according to the Westren Indonesia Time (WIB) 19.30. Looking for today episode synopsis i.e Aldebaran, who promised to meet Andin, was confronted by the male Diki whom he ordered to burn Andin’s father’s restaurant, Aldebaran was well aware that his household situation would be more complicated.

Aldebaran tried to explain in the midst of his realization how badly he had intended to be evil towards Andin and his family, this made Andin even more difficult to even ask Aldebaran to separate from him.

Previous episode story is Andin, who intended to return to Aldebaran, had to swallow his bitter taste when he found out that Aldebaran had ordered people to burn Papa Surya’s restaurant first. Andin felt that he was being played with and thought that Aldebaran did not think about the life of his father who had almost died from the accident.

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