Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 9 June 2021 Written Update: Anokhi chooses her love

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 9 June 2021 Written Update For Episode 147. Anokhi sit alone herself and think herself before said answer to someone must think and written notes. At that time anokhi gets phone call from shaurya. Anokhi lift the phone, Shaurya said to her we stay together and fight and i will comes to you and cut the phone. Other end aastha phone to shaan you share something about shaurya like photos and videos and i know what happen to shaurya.

Also aastha asking to shaan why you don’t share with me today’s incident about shaurya. Then shaan said sorry to aastha and expalins why he don’t informed about shaurya. Then aastha said to shaan what we don’t do at your home shaurya said himself. After that aastha asking to shaan you don’t like anokhi. Then shaan said to aastha i don’t have a problem with anokhi, My problem is relation between anokhi and shaurya. At that time aastha think herself.

After that aastha smiles and said to shaan ok bye and don’t forget to phone. After that shaurya comes to downstairs along with his bags. At that time tej, devi, shagun to seen shaurya stay clam themselves, Shaan comes to shaurya and given flot keys. But shaurya can’t hold the keys and try to taken blessings from his dad. Then shaan said all the best to shaurya and please take care your self. After that shaurya sit with devi.

Then devi said to shaurya you choose love in place of family. Later shaurya said to devi if you love me don’t asking me promise. After that shaurya said to devi iam leave this house but i am loves you unconditionally and leaves the house. Other end tej phone to someone and asking to them please come and meet now. After that anokhi meets tej, Tej said to anokhit let’s forget about rustication letter.