Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 9 July 2021 Written Update: Devi again try to test anokhi

Anokhi comes to shaurya, Shaurya try to said something to her. Anokhi says don’t say anything and given coffee to him, Shaurya said thanks. Later shaurya asking to anokhi how you know i like coffee. Anokhi says i am your wife and i know your likes and dislikes and we both are best. After that shaurya asking to anokhi let’s concentrate on your studies and i will comes to you and asking questions from your studies. But anokhi sleep, alarm rings. Suddenly anokhi wakeup and feels tension because not yet completed revision. Shaurya wakeup and said to anokhi ganjan takeup kitchen works.

But anokhi says no i will done household chores because i am daughter-in-law for this house. After that anokhi sit on dining table, studies her subjects at the same time performing houshold chores. Suddenly devi comes to kitchen and asking to gayathri where is anokhi. Anokhi taken blessings from devi, said to her i will prepare salad for you. But devi asking to anokhi cut the onions to make omlet. Gayathri comes to devi asking to her i will cut the onions. Devi said to gayathri i will speak with my daughter-in-law and asking to gayathri did you come between your and ganjan. At that time gayathri maintain silence.

Anokhi said to devi i will cut the onions, Devi went out from kitchen and seen what anokhi did. Once devi went out from kitchen anokhi cut the onions and studied her subjects. Later when cut the onions anokhi gets water from her eyes, eat the bread. Ganjan comes to anokhi why you eat the bread. Anokhi smiles and said to ganjan if eat bread while cutting the onions doesn’t get water from eyes. Then ganjan asking to anokhi go to your room and completed revision work. Anokhi says yes. After that anokhi asking to devi may i leave from kitchen. Devi says yes, anokhi leaves kitchen. Once anokhi leaves the kitchen gayathri said to devi anokhi qualified every test which is given to her.