Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8 April 2021 Written Update: A Close Save For Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 8 April 2021 Written Update begins with anokhi, shaurya, aahir. Aahir said to shaurya your family members raise a missing case because you couldn’t lift the phone. Also aahir asking to shaurya just imagine if they coming her while searching for you. Tej asking to pandey did you seen shaurya. Pandey says no and informed to tej police comes to here and went to hostel side. Devi asking to alok please taken me where bebo room is. After that shaurya decided to leave the hostel, Devi walk towards bebo room.

Once devi reached bebo room knock the door and shouts shaurya come outside. Anokhi open the door. Other end anokhi sister husband when his wife sleeps try to check her phone but suddenly his wife wakeup and asking to him what are you doing with my phone. Later Anokhi sister husband given his wife phone return and asking to her why you set lock to your phone. Devi asking to anokhi shaurya is inside your room. At that time aahir and shaurya come outside to devi. Devi seen shaurya and asking to him why you can’t phone to me. Tej asking to devi don’t speak here because it’s ladies hostel. Aahir says shaurya suffer with fever.

After that devi asking to aahira where did you find you shaurya. Aahir says at girls hostel. Devi shocked, Aahir says at girls hostel library. After that devi, tej, shaurya return to home, Anokhi says thanks to aahir. Once shaurya return to home gunjan, gayathri asking to shaurya what happen. After that shaurya think about anokhi, anokhi think about shaurya when sleep on bed. Anokhi holds shaurya given flower. Day changed anokhi and other students starts preparations for holi fest, Anokhi think about shaurya. Gunjan asking to Shaurya please tell me the truth.

Shaurya said to gunjan i will went to meet anokhi to speak about holi fest. Again gunjan asking to shaurya you must tell me the truth. Shaurya says the truth to his sister. Gunjan feels happy