Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6 April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Express His Jealousy

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 6 April 2021 Written Update Episode 92 anokhi said to shaurya you suffer with cold and cough and why you step down the car if rain comes. Then shaurya angryon anokhi and what are you doing. Anokhi said to shaurya if college management know about us they sent me outside the college. Shaurya says iam the management, Anokhi says you are director for this college but if know about us management getting problem. At that time Shaurya said i will invite for lunch everyone. Anokhi says we discuss already about lunch. Shaurya says but we not discussing about respective incident. Also, Shaurya says aahir is not good guy.

Anokhi asking to shaurya you comes here to saying about him. Shaurya says no & Anokhi asking to you call me to saying about ACP. Shaurya angry on anokhi at that time suddenly anokhi friend knock the door. Anokhi asking to shaurya let’s leave the room from window. Shaurya said to anokhi asking to your friend don’t disturb me iam studying. After that shaurya suddenly fallen on the bed and suffers with fever. At home alok said to tej students excited about holi festival. Tej asking to shaan let’s have a drink and shaan think about aastha & divorce.

Aokhi brings hot water but shaurya sleeps. After that shaan said to tej i will amke a good drink, Anokhi phone to shaan but shaan can’t seen phone and devi comes to downstairs and seen shaan phone when anokhi phone to him. After that anokhi phone to her sister, nikhi sister lift the phone and informed to her sister about shaurya at hostel. She said to anokhi call to doctor. Anokhi phone to doctor and informed to doctor my friend suffer with fever and what can i do. Doctor says use paracetamol. Then anokhi given medicine to shaurya, Shaurya says thanks and said to anokhi i can leave the hostel. Tej said to Devi your son shaurya is not a kid and he return to home soon. Devi said to tej please phone to police

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