Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5 July 2021 Written Update: Shaurya, Anokhi’s Alone Time

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 5 July 2021 Written Update begins with alok. Alok comes to shaurya, anokhi room and seen shagun situation. Shagun wake up and said to shaurya i don’t know how iam came here. Shagun says sorry and try to went to her room. Alok says she is our guest and she condition not well and if she fall from steps gets injured. Again shagun suddenly gets unconscious, aastha comes to her and asking to her you stay here or went from room this room. Also aastha says if some one your place they must went to their room but you don’t go away from this room. Shaurya seen shagun behavior when his mom speaking with her.

Shaan says both shaurya and anokhi also need rest because they struggle at their wedding rituals. Shagun said to aastha what happen to her, Bebo & Kittu said to shagun before shaurya, anokhi marriage this room belongs to shagun. Shaurya angry on bebo and kittu & said to them your daughter-in-law is anokhi. Anokhi says i will get lemon water to shagun. Alok says yes and shaurya says i will informed to doctor and asking to him come to our home to check what happen to shagun.

Shagun says don’t need a doctor. Shaurya says ok and asking to bebo, kitti staty with shagun to entire night. Alok also went with shagun, Anokhi said to shaurya i feel tension for shagun. Then ganjun, aastha asking to shaurya & anokhi let’s take a rest. Ganjan says all the best to shaurya and bye to anokhi. Later shaurya and anokhi spend some alone time with each other and anokhi prepares for a challenging task in the kitchen. To know upcoming SAAKK Episode info follow zeal study web portal