Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5 April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Enters Girls Hostel

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 5 April 2021 Written Episode 91 begins with anokhi erading the book and think about shaurya. Shaurya hold his phone and think to phone to anokhi. At hostel anokhi also hold her phone to said sorry to shaurya. At that time shaurya phone to anokhi and think herself don’t lift the phone and don’t speak with him. Shaurya think himself why anokhi can’t lift . Later shaurya send WhatsApp message i.e call me back i will speak with you. Anokhi seen the message and don’t replay to him. Shaurya gets angry on anokhi.

Again shaurya decided to phone to anokhi, Devi phone to shaurya and informed to it’s getting late for dinner. Shaurya says i have some work at college you must complete the dinner. Anokhi decided to phone to shaurya and changed her decision. When shaurya drive the car in the rain suddenly seen him shagun and stepdown the car to searching for shagun. Anokhi phone to shaurya when he searching for shagun. After that shaurya return to his car but car not started. After that anokhi phone to her sister and asking to her suddenly why rain is coming. Anokhi sister says someone love rain and also informed to anokhi i will attended 3 interviews today.

Anokhi asking to her sister why you can’t speak with vikki because he helps you. Anokhi sister said to her ok i will call to vikki tomorrow. At that time Anokhi sister cut the call when suddenly her husband comes to her room. Shagun phone to Devi and asking to her you must arranged meeting with shaurya. Devi says it’s not working because he can’t speak with you. Shagun said to Devi when you said about shaurya i will think past lift. After that devi asking to shagun shaurya seen you at college. Shagun says yes and he feel shocked and searching for me.

At hostel someone knock anokhi room door. Anokhi think herself who come to my room and open the door. Shaurya behind the door when anokhi open the door. After that shaurya asking to anokhi why you can’t lift the phone. Anokhi asking to shaurya no one stops you when comes to hostel room. Shaurya says no.