Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 31 March 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Plans For A Surprise

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 31 March 2021 Written Episode Devi angry on Gunjan, Tej comes to devi and said to her Shaurya said to you he wants a girl like intelligent, smart like shagun. Then devi says if shaurya married shagun he say about her only. Also Devi says just i understand both shagun and anokhi looks same. Other end shaurya return to home and gunjan asking to him you went outside to meet anokhi. Shaurya says something between aahir and anokhi. Gunjan says i think between you and anokhi something.

Devi said to Tej i know what i am doing and when iam doing other end gunjan said to shaurya i don’t know about aahir but i know your inner feelings so i will help you. Also gunjan said if i know something between aahir and anokhi i will informed to her. Shaurya says don’t say anything to anokhi. Gayathri informed to Shaan about shagun. Shann think about what aasthaa said to him. At room bebo, kitty discussing about shagun, shaurya. Bebo asking to kittu i have some work so you sleep. Kitty says i know you must chating with your secret admirer.

After that bebo lover entered to her room and given rose to her. At that time kitty comes to her, bebo asking to her love hide himself. Kitty asking to bebo what are doing at window. Bebo says nothing i will come to her close the windows. Kitty leaves, Bebo asking to her love leave the her room, Once he leaves close the doors. Day changed shaurya comes to college, students explains cultural fest themes. At that shaurya comes to college.

Shaurya seen anokhi side when students expalins fest themes. Suddenly anokhi seen shaurya side, shaura smiles. After that gunjan comes to college to meet shaurya, said to shaurya i will come to here to listen fest themes. Later gunjan seen anokhi side, said to shaurya she is anokhi. Shaurya says yes. After that anokhi comes to them and explains cultural fest theme.

Once listen anokhi idea gunjan approves anokhi theme and made a announcement i.e anokhi fest theme is finalized. At that time anokhi gets phone call, Anokhi holds her phone it’s ACP Aahir call and leave them. But suddenly call cut and anokhi return to shaurya. Shaurya angry on anokhi, Gunjan asking to shaurya don’t speak with anokhi like this because she special. After that aahir phone to anokhi and said to her i will meet you and speak with you. Anokhi said ok to aahir