Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 30 March 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Takes A Stand

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 30 March 2021 Written Episode begins with Kitty friends asking to her about Bebo and why you come to college alone. Kittu comes to library and asking to bebo what are doing here. After that bebo asking to anokhi why you return to this college. Anokhi said to bebo i will come to here to complete my graduation, Once my graduation is completed i will leave the college. Also if mata rani given blessings i will completed my post graduation. After that anokhi friend asking to her let’s participated cultural fest. Bebo says we are the organizers so you don’t have a chance to particpat the fest. Also bebo says you just sit and wastch the fest.

Shaurya comes to lirbrary and shouts on bebo, kittu said to them i will listen your conversation. Also Shaurya said to them don’t repeat this again. Anokhi feels happy to seen shaurya at library and smiles and searching for books. After that shaurya asking to anohi how is your hostel. Anokhi says hostel is good and said thanks to Shaurya. After that shaurya asking to anokhi if you need anything please informed to me. Also shaurya informed to students today is no classes because you have to think unqiue ideas to make cultural fest success. Also who come with best ideas they are cultural fest organizer.

Then anokhi shouts yes PS. Bebo, Kittu shocked later anokhi says thank you sir. Shaurya said all the best and leave the library. Gayathri said to devi we don’t know what shaurya think. At that time shaurya, kittu, bebo comes to devi. Devi said to sharuya i will searching matches you because you promise me. Also devi asking to shaurya which type of girl do you want. Gayathri asking to please tell me. Then Kitty, Bebo, Gunjan asking to shaurya please tell me what type of girl you want. Then Shaurya said girl must be a intelligent, smart, no fear and simple & traditional.

When shaurya said about girl gunjan think herself shaurya said about anokhi. After that shaurya think herself anokhi had all these qualities. Then bebo said to shaurya i know is that person. Devi asking to kitty, bebo don’t asking to shaurya because i know what i have to do. At hostel anokhi surprised to seen her room. After that shaurya comes to lirbrary and think himself about anokhi. Devi comes to her room and said to tej iam asking to shaurya what type of girl you want, shaurya reveals the qualities he desires in his partner. After that shaurya phone to anokhi, anokhi seen her phone and don’t lift her phone but her friend lift the phone and given phont to anokhi.

Anokhi said hello sir and asking to him why you call to me in the night. Shaurya said i will asking to you how is hostel. Anokhi says everything allright.