Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 29 March 2021 Written Update For Episode 83 Season 1

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) 29 March 2021 Episode 85 Spoiler begins with Devi, Shaurya sit together at outside the home. Devi asking to shaurya now tell me what kind of a gilr do you want. Shaurya says she must be traditional, she must have an aim. Anokhi listen what shaurya said to devi.

Tej speaks with devi shaurya told you about the girl he desires i.e the girl must be intelligent, educated and even shagun had all of these qualities. Then devi says i thought shourya is talking about anokhi, Shagun had all of these qualities too and it’s true. Also devi says first love is unique and would remain so forever, tej now i know what to do.

To know SAAKK (Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani) 29 Match 2021 Written Update Story i.e Why devi suddenly asking about girl to shaurya, why tej suddenly said about shagun follow zeal study portal. Here below provided today written update.

Today Written Update

Anokhi entered the college, alok seen her and said to her after so much insulting you still comes to this college. Then anokhi says i will comes to this college for study purpose and complete my study and leave the college. Alok asking to anokhi where you are staying. Anokhi says PS arranged a hostel room to me. Alok asking to anokhi who is PS.

Anokhi says PS means Professor Shaurya. Alok says at hostel no roon for you. Anokhi says Shaurya arranged a room for me. After that anokhi meet her friends at that time anokhi sister call to her and asking to her where are you. Anokhi says iam at college and asking to her sister vinni still creating problem. Bubbli says nothing and says to anokhi i have call from other number.

After that bubbli speaking with vikki suddenly bubbli husband comes to home and says every time you speaking with someone on phone. Alok comes to home and meet shaurya and asking to him why you destroy the rules. Shaurya says please tell me clearly. Alok asking to shaurya why you allotted room for anokhi in place of your sister. Then shaurya says only hostel room for who came from other villages.

Devi listen alok, shaurya conversation and said to alok what shaurya done to anokhi is right and asking to alok kitti and bebo need a hostel room or not. Alok said sorry to devi, Devi asking to shaurya please taken your decision and i will support you.