Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 28 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi learns the truth

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 28 April 2021 Written Update begins with anokhi suddenly comes to her room and holds her bag, Babli asking to nikkhi where are you going. Anokhi says shaurya meets with accident and i am went to his hotel room. Babli says no, Anokhi says i love him and i went to his hotel room. Finally anokhi reached the hotel room, Gunjan opens the room. Anokhi asking to gunjan may i seen shaurya. Gunjan says yes. Anokhi try to went inside the shaurya room but devi said to anokhi don’t went his room. Also devi said because of you shaurya meets with accident.

Anokhi said to devi shaurya is my favorite professor i will seen him one time. Devi said no, Gunjan says i am call to anokhi and informed to her about accident that’s why she came here. Devi says getout from my room and close the doors. Anokhi think herself at any cose i will meet shaurya. After that devi angry on gunjan. Anokhi searching for shaurya room, Gunjan seen her said to her because of you devi not allowed to shaurya room. Also gunjan says why you don’t trust anokhi because this wedding date announced devi.

Babli waiting for anokhi and suddenly her husband comes where she stay. After that vineeth phone to babli, babli meet her husband. Reema meet anokhi and asking to her did you meet shaurya. Anokhi says no, Reema asking to her please come with me. Anokhi says no and also informed to reema they insulted me but because of shaurya i will stay here. Aastha comes to shaurya hotel room and meet anokhi and asking to her how shuarya is. Anokhi says they don’t allowed to meet shaurya, Aastha says please come with me. Devi asking to aastha why you come here.

After that tej said to aastha only family members allowed to seen shaurya. Aastha says shaurya is my son and at any cost i will seen my son Tej said to devi ok allow them to seen shaurya. Aastha, Anokhi, Reema went to shaurya room. Once they went inside the room shagun sit with shaurya. Aastha said to shagun you return to london for your studies and career what to do her after cancel the engagement.