Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 27 April 2021 Written Update: Shuarya Meets With An Accident

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 27 April 2021 Written Update begins with shaurya walking downstairs from anokhi room, Anokhi come outside and seen shaurya side. Shaurya seen anokhi room side, anokhi starts crying and remembered holi celebrations with shaurya. Other end devi crying, Shagun comes to devi. Devi says i thought he loves you and i know he loves you and seen you on anokhi. Also devi said i don’t shaurya loves anokhi. Shagun says shaurya doesn’t loves me, Devi holds shagun cheecks and said iam sorry. Shagun says shaurya know what he done and he plans birthday party for anokhi but because of you shaurya feels bad today.

Devi says when aastha leaves shaurya is a kid and he crying for aastha. At that time i am decided to forgive aastha mistakes but i am realized shaurya doesn’t need his mom, he needs mom’s love. Also devi said to shagun this time shaurya running away from you but he needs you. Also devi says shaurya running behind anokhi but she doesn’t care so shaurya needs you. Shagun says i don’t think so and try to leave the hotel. Devi holds shagun hands ask her not to lose confidence in winning shaurya’s heart. Shagun says because of shaurya i am doesn’t care my studies, my career and i love shaurya and hugs devi.

Other end shaurya drive his jeep and remembered devi announcement at hotel. Babli asking to anokhi please drink water but anokhi said to her sister why iam running away from marriage because i will become something. Also shaurya remembered aahir words about anokhi, his engagement at that suddenly shaurya change the car direction because of car and meet with car accident. After that alok and other family members ready for lunch. Alok asking to devi why you can’t informed to media about shagun, shaurya wedding. Devi says no. Gunjan try to phone shaurya but can’t lift the phone.

Later shaurya comes to hotel with injuries and fallen and on the floor. Devi and other family members to seen shaurya shocked. Devi asking to alok call to doctor, Doctor comes to hotel and start treatment and said we don’t know about his condition till 48 hours. Gayathri phone to aastha informed to her about accident. Aastha shocked

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