Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26 March 2021 Written Update: Shaan to start afresh with aastha

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) 26 March 2021 Episode begins with shaurya, anokhi return to chandigarh. Anokhi asking to shaurya do you remember when we are travel on train. Shaurya says yes, Anokhi says thanks to Shaurya to admit at hospital. After that Anokhi says sorry to Shaurya what he done in front of ahir. Shaurya says you done because of Aastha. Later anokhi said to shaurya how time required we return to Chandigarh. Shaurya says few hourse and said to anokhi if eat something taken from back seats something to eat.

Anokhi taken chocolate, Shaurya says i love this chocolate. After that Shaurya miss the root of Chandigarh. Other end someone ring the calling bell of aastha. Aastha open the door and shocked to seen shaan in front of the door and asking to him what are you doing here. Shaan said let’s we start  our new life. Then aastha says everything changed because we agree for divorce. Shaan said divorce is only papers and our life lead our self. Also shaan asking to aastha you with me and you become my friend. Other at home devi and othe family members celebrating the party and devi try to phone shaurya, shaan but know one lift the phone.

After that Shaurya gets the correct way of Chandigarh, Aastha agree for shaan wish and said to shaan you changed alot. Tej asking to devi shaurya, shaan forget to come to home and said to devi i have to speak important calls, if they come call to me. After that aastha said to shaan i will speaking about shaurya. Shaan said ok, Aastha asking to shaan why shaurya is single now. Shaan said i think he don’t love anyone. Aastha says i think shaurya love anokhi and he follow us when we travel to kapurthala.