Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26 June 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Suspects Tej

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 26 June 2021 Written Update for episode 162. Today episode begins with anokhi said to family members i don’t miss this exams and my marriage also. Babli said to it’s your wedding day and how it’s change, Anokhi says exams is important and my self must attend for exams. Babli says it’s your marriage, PS waiting for you. Anokhi says if i miss my exams i will lose one year and my scholarship also. Rama feels bad, Shagun speaks with shaurya sisters and once they went think herself shaurya what you do now.

Other end anokhi stars crying, aahir asking to pandit everything is ok, Shaurya and other family members feels happy. Tej meet with ramesh, tej asking to him what are you doing. Ramesh says i am work at railways as a Ticket Collector. After that tej meet with his wife and asking to her let’s have drink and speaking about anokhi, shaurya marriage. Devi asking to tej please informed to me what you think, Tej says when times come you know everything. Other end anokhi said to babli i want exams and my marriage. Anokhi mom said to anokhi if you do anything wrong your aunt and uncle doesn’t forgive us.

Anokhi said to her mom i want this marriage and i don’t leave this exams and think herself what i can do now. Gayathri comes to kitty and bebo and said to her today is your brother marriage. Other end anokhi comes to marriage stage, Shaurya seen anokhi. Both tej, shagun seen anokhi side, Ganjun smiles. After that shaurya seen when anokhi crying. Aastha says nothing this type situation every girl feel like this. Later shaurya asking to anokhi what happen please informed to me. After that anokhi informed to shaurya about exam and if i can’t written the exam i can lose one year.

Aastha says when you know about exams, Anokhi says just. Shaurya asking to anokhi why you waste time and said to anokhi let’s go for exam. Anokhi smiles and other family members smiles for shaurya decision. Devi said to shaurya it’s your wedding day and asking to anokhi don’t go for exam. After that shaurya finds a solution when anokhi informs him about her exams, Later he doubts tej as he tried to hinder their marriage