Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi is Heartbroken

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 26 April 2021 Written Update begins with devi. Devi announced as soon as possible fix shaurya and shagun wedding date. Alok said to devi it’s big surprise for us, Gayathri asking to aloke shaurya know about this. Shaurya seen anokhi, anokhi starts crying. Alok said to gayathri it’s big decision and shaurya know about this. Gayathri says here with us tej, shaan both are not. Shaurya said to devi please i will speak with, Devi says not today because you are in a happy mood and also devi says iam also feel happy today. Also devi asking to students and her family members must congratulate to shaurya.

Aahir and babli shocked what happen at anokhi birthday party, Gunjan think herself this is the reason devi comes to the party but why shaurya can’t say anything. After that devi asking to shagun did you say anything about relationship with shaurya. Shagun says and informed to family and students me and shaurya made for each other. To listen shagun words starts crying, Shagun says finally it’s happy ending for us and no one enter between us. Devi said to students and family members must say about shaurya and shagun. After that devi asking to anokhi say about shagun and shaurya.

After that anokhi said congratulation both shagun and shaurya. Shaurya feels sad, Devi asking to anokhi please given sweets to both. Anokhi given sweets to shagun and shaurya and says congratulation. After that anokhi running away from shaurya, Shaurya try to running behind anokhi but shagun holds shaurya hand. After that aahir walk behind anokhi, Shaurya taken pictures with students and family.  After that babli asking to anokhi are you alright, asking to aahir please help me to taken anokhi to her room. Anokhi says no because shaurya room near to my room so i can’t come to that room.

Aahir asking to babli, anokhi please come to my hotel room. Babli says you also stay in this hotel room. Aahir says i don’t get a room in this hotel so i will book another room at other hotel. Other end shaurya searching for anokhi, devi asking to shaurya please think what iam done for you. Again devi asking to shaurya please listen my words. Shaurya says ok iam listen and understand what you done but iam not ready for this and you not asking me permission. Devi says iam your mom and why iam asking your permission. Also devi says i am think about you because you like shagun, Devi says shagun waiting for you. Shaurya says ok fine, Devi says shagun loves you.

Then shaurya shouts i don’t love shagun, Anokhi, Aahir, Babli return to aahir hotel room. Aahir asking to them please relax. After that reema phone to babli and asking about how anokhi is and asking where are you now. Babli says we at aahir hotel room. At that time shaurya asking to reema where is anokhi, Reema says i don’t know. After that shaurya reached aahir room and knock the door. ater aahir warns shaurya to stay within his limits as he tries to meet anokhi.