Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 24 June 2021 Written Update: Ramesh Slaps Vineet

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 24 June 2021 Written Update For Episode 160. Episode begins with devi, aastha arranged everything for shaurya haldi ceremony. After that when devi ready to prepare haldi suddenly aastha move forward and placed haldi on shuarya face, devi feels unhappy. Aaastha recognized devi movements and asking to her you also paste haldi on shaurya face. After that devi holds sweet and try to given to shaurya again aastha also try to given sweet to shaurya. At that time devi asking to aastha i will given sweet to shaurya if you don’t mind, Aastha says yes. After that devi ready given sweet to shaurya but shaurya holds devi, aastha hands and eat both sweets at a time.

After that shaurya asking to family members where is anokhi because we are all pose for photos. Gunjan says anokhi meets you at the time wedding only, Shaurya smiles. After that all the family members performing dance. Other end vineet and his mom attended haldi function and meet with anokhi, babli. Vineet said to anokhi uncle call to me and asking me to attended the function. Rames comes to vineet, Vineet mom said to babli me and my son comes to this function but you don’t ask us to drink water.

After that ramesh given divorce papers to vineeth and ask him sign on the papers. But vineet deny to hold the papers and asking to ramesh why you call me here. Ramesh slaps vineet for making a scene at anokhi’s haldi ceremony and asking to vineet you rise hands on my daughter. Also ramesh asking to vineeth now rise your hands on my daughter i will seen your end. Both babli, anokhi feels happy to seen their dad what done for them. Later shaurya and anokhi gear up for their wedding.