Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 24 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi Birthday Party

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 24 April 2021 SAAKK Written Update begins with anokhi, shaurya walking together at swimming pool area and given flowers to anokhi. Anokhi says thanks to shaurya and said to him today i am wear heels today. Shaurya smiles and says happy birthday anokhi and given gift to her. Anokhi holds gift and said thanks to shaurya and says on birthday everyone says happy birthday and don’t say i love you. Shaurya can’t listen anokhi words and asking to anokhi what are you saying. Anokhi smiles and asking about babli. At that time shaurya hugs anokhi, anokhi smiles.

Devi check mail at that time shagun comes to devi informed to her shaurya celebrated anokhi birthday party. Devi shocked, shagun says i will gunjan and shaurya words. Shagun asking to devi because of you i will played this drama. Devi says you are not a kid iam shown the way so you have to won the race. Shagun says iam won the race and trophy i.e shaurya. Devi decided to fly to goa to given gift to anokhi. At goa reema and other friends attending anokhi birthday party. Anokhi shocked to seen reema at goa.

Reema said shaurya sir book flight tickets for us to fly goa. At that time aahir comes to anokhi and given gift to anokhi and says happy birthday. Anokhi open the gift and seen gift i.e super hero. Aahir says super hero likes you. After that shaurya asking students let’s celebrated birthday party. Later shaurya informed to anokhi you have another surprise. Anokhi smiles and asking to shaurya what is it.  Shaurya says when times comes you know it. Gunjan also reached the goa. Anokhi asking to reema what is the surprise, reema says shaurya informed to you surprise. Devi and alok along with gayathri reached the goa.

Alok asking to devi what is the surprise. Devi says wait i will informed to you. After that devi reached where gunjan, shaurya is. Gunjan to seen devi shocked and think herself who said to devi we are at goa. devi comes to gunjan and says you think smart and shaurya asking to devi what are you doing. After that devi says who loves shaurya they are all here. Also devi says iam so proud of shaurya because you celebrated the party. At that time shagun comes to devi. Reema shocked, Devi welcomes shagun and says about shaurya and shagun pre enagegment party. Also devi says verysoon i will announce about shagun and shaurya’s wedding. Anokhi and babli shocked.

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