Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23 March 2021 Written Update: Anokhi, Aastha Leave For Kapurthala

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) 23 March 2021 Episode 81 Story begins with Shaurya. Shaurya said to anokhi no one stops you. At college students post a video i.e anomal we miss you please come back to the college, At home alok speak with devi and said to her shaurya went to anokhi house to meet her. Devi shocked and phone to sharuya house and Aastha lift the phone and said to devi can not listen one bad word about anokhi.

Devi asking to aastha what are you doing their. Aastha said to Devi you must asking about shaan. Then Devi said to aastha you shaan ready to given divorce, Aastha shocked and devi said sorry and asking to aastha taken with you your student also. Aastha cut the phone and wait for shaan. After that shaan return to home, Aastha asking to shaan about divorce. Then shaan i will think about divorce in past & not now. Aastha said to shaan we leave together in past 25 years, Shaan said it’s life, we life together.

After that shaan said to aastha because of devi i will agree to given divorce to you because devi asking to leave gunjan, gayathri to leave the house if iam doesn’t agree for divorce. Once know the truth Aastha starts crying and Shaan asking to Aastha do you want divorce. Aastha said to shaan you must stand on your promise and asking to him where is divorce papers. Shaan shocked.

At home devi check papers which is given by shaan in front of family members. Then shaan said to devi aastha sign on divorce papers. After that shourya asking to shaan how do you feel Shaan said i will happy. Later Devi said to tej, alok suddenly shaan sign on the divorce papers, Gayahtri asking to shaan why did you do this. Shaan says everything will be fine soon.