Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23 June 2021 Written Update: Devi Surprises Shaurya

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23 June 2021 Written Update For Episode 159. Today episode begins with shaurya said to devi you don’t miss your son wedding function. Also shaurya says in 3 hours wedding function i will seen main door side my mom come for my function or not. Shaan said to devi you think shaurya done mistake what tej done. Also shaan asking to devi tomorrow haldi function so come to the function to bless shaurya and anokhi. But devi can’t said anything, both shaan shaurya leave the devi room. Babli comes to rama and asking to her and hugs her and starts crying.

After that babli said to rama don’t feel bad and said to her anokhi happy with this marriage and my happiness mix with divorce. Rama asking to babli what happen at goa. Babli explains everything what vineet did to shaurya. Rama shocked and asking to babli shaurya family members know everything. Babli says yes and said to rama every father super hero for her daughters and my father also super hero for me and anokhi. Later anokhi dance on sofa, Babli, Aahir asking to anokhi let’s dance on the floor not sofa. Anokhi said to them i feel happy becaus my marriage happens with shaurya.

At that time anokhi asking to babali who will paid this money for this wedding function. Babali says shaurya, Rama comes to them and said to anokhi your dad also and your dad close fixed deposits. After that shaurya phone to anokhi and speaking with her i am so happy because you become my wife . After that haldi function begins and bhalla given money to anokhi, rama asking to anokhi please forgive your father. Meanwhile devi surprises shaurya by arriving at his haldi ceremony. To know upcoming episode updates follow zeal study web portal.