Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21 June 2021 Written Update: Vineet Creates A Scene

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21 June 2021 Written Update for episode 157. Anokhi seen shaurya name on her hand and feels tension. Shaurya recognized anokhi moments and smiles. Other end anokhi wash her hand to remove shaurya name and think herself why did this to me. At that time ganjan, babli comes to anokhi and asking to anokhi why you write shaurya name on your hand. Anokhi says i don’t know someone placed mehandi on my hand. At that gayathri comes to anokhi said to her they think you are bride.

Other end at home devi check shaury, anokhi mehandi celebrations pictures. Aastha speaking with someone, Bhallas comes to aastha and said to aastha we will do any mistakes please forgive me. Aastha says i will forget past so keep smile because we are family members. Shaurya comes to anokhi and asking to her please eat something. Anokhi says no sir i have some work, Shaurya says if you do work with empty stomach getting problems. After that shaurya said to anokhi where is your sister babli, I can’t seen her because how can i know taste of this varieties food and placed chapati, dal and asking to anokhi let’s taste it.

Anokhi taste the food and all the family members watch when shaurya joke with anokhi. Anokhi taste the food and said to shaurya everything fine. After that anokhi said to shaurya it’s your wedding party, Aahir said to aastha your son shaurya is great. After that alok asking to gayathri, ganjan tej, devi not comes to this party but you both are enjoying the party. Shaan comes to alok said to him no problem if they don’t come.  During the celebrations, vineet creates a scene in front of aahir, shaurya and other family members and upsets the bhallas, Later the families admire aastha singing a melodious song.