Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi Arrives at Goa

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21 April 2021 Written Update begins with anokhi remembered shaurya words i.e i love you stupid girl and also kitty words i.e shaurya loves shagun and starts crying and remembered holi celebrations. Reema comes to anokhi and asking to her how it is special surprise. Anokhi says i don’t understand. Reema asking to anokhi what shaurya said to you. Anokhi says shaurya says i love you to me. Reema smiles and anokhi says shaurya said i love you to me very angry. Reema says shaurya personality like that. Reema asking to anokhi what you replied to shaurya. Anokhi says iam fight with him

Reema asking to anokhi why you don’t trust shaurya. Anokhi says shagun why leaves her higher studies and why she comes to here and join the college as a professor. Day changed anokhi comes to reema at college you handle the last day fest because i don’t come in front of shaurya. Reema says yes. After that gunjan comes to anokhi and asking to her did you seen shaurya because he can’t come to home. At that time gunjan gets phone call from his assistant and he said to gunjan shaurya fly to goa. After that gunjan asking to anokhi what happen yesterday night.

Anokhi says both shaurya and shagun went for dinner. Gunjan don’t trust anokhi and anokhi says i will seen them together. Gunjan says i think you something said to him and he upset and went to goa. Anokhi says i don’t say anything to shaurya and shaurya said to me what he wants said to me and i will hurt my self. Gunjan said to anokhi if shaurya said matter is over he never take care about it. Anokhi said to gunjan what the truth is shagun love shaurya that’s why she comes to the college. Gunjan said to anokhi if you accept shaurya loves nothing happens and asking to anokhi let’s think yourself.

After that anokhi think herself why shaurya went to the goa. At goa shaurya drive the car and think about anokhi words. Babli phone to aahir and asking to him i need a help. Aahir asking to babli what happen, Babli says anokhi went to goa to follows shaurya. Aahir asking to babli what reema said to you. Babli says please come with me. Aahir asking to babli please send your details i will book flight tickets. Anokhi reached the goa and asking about shaurya at receptionist. But receptionist nothing said to anokhi. At that time shaurya walk behind her and anokhi don’t seen him.

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