Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 2 April 2021 Written Update: Devi’s Request To Shagun

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 2 April 2021 Written Episode Begins with shaurya speaks with aahir. Anokhi try to interrupt him, Shaurya angry on anokhi and says it’t not our campus. Then aahir said to shaurya because of this one incident i know your reputation and you said to her this is not a campus so you don’t want where she going, who she meets. Also aahir says if you thinks must think about you. Also aahir says if iam feel angry i will shown my position power. Shaurya stands and thrown chair, said to aahir let’s shown your power.

Then anokhi asking to them please stop this. Shuarya leave the restaurant, Aahir asking to anokhi let’s sit. Other end devi request to shagun and asking to her you still wants to become shaurya’s wife. At restaurant aahir asking to anokhi anything wants to you eat. Anokhi says no and i went to hostel. Aahir says let’s try soup and anokhi says yes. Shaurya return to his office and thinks about aahir and his words. At that time shaan and alok comes to shaurya office. Shaan asking to shaurya what happen. Shaurya says nothing, Anokhi think abouts Shaurya. Aahir asking to anokhi how soup is. Anokhi says yes.

After that aahir asking to anokhi about fest. Anokhi asking to aahir how did you know. Aahir says when iam comes to your college students speaks about fest. Anokhi says iam the organizers for fest because PS approve my theme. Aahir congrats anokhi, Anokhi says soup is good. At that spoon fallen on floor, anokhi try to taken the spoon and seen flowers fallen on the floor and says nice flowers. Shaan phone to aastha, Aastha lift the phone, Shaan said to aastha i think you are waiting for my phone. After that shaan asking to aastha are you comes to holi festival. Aastha says at Chandigarh your home all the family members is their.

Then shaan says your are my girlfriend, Aastha says iam not your girlfriend. Then shaan says you must comes to holi party as a teacher because teachers are invited for the party. Devi said to Shagun every time not have a second chance but you will get. Also devi i don’t want shaurya loves you and married someone and shown a ring and says you have a rights to hold the ring. But shagun stands silently. Shaan said to aastha shaurya not interested on anokhi.

Afer that devi try to thrown ring but suddenly shagun holds devi hands. Anokhi return to college to hold flowers which is thrown shaurya at restaurant. Later shaurya, anokhi colide each other flowers fallen on the floor. Anokhi asking to students do not steps on the flowers. Shaurya realized it’s his flowers and why anokhi take care of it. Also shuarya said to anokhi finally flowers reached correct place

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