Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 17 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi is in Love?

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 17 April 2021 Written Update begins with anokhi comes to her room and searching for good dress and shaurya did same also. Anokhi says herself i don’t have specials dress and shaurya searching for dress. Anokhi thinks herself it is my first date, Shaurya think herself which type of dress may i wear for my first date and smiles. After that anokhi wear pink color dress and shouts PS, reema listen anokhi words and smiles. At home gayathri asking to gunjan did you know shaurya loves anokhi. Gunjan says i know. Devi listen gunjan words and says you don’t take care about your marriage and thinks other marriage and wards gunjan.

Aahir asking to babli why you comes to anokhi college. Babli says iam comes to the college to help anokhi. Aahir says you and your sister organize the college fest.¬† Babli said to aahir how anokhi knows you. Aahir says iam her friend. Babli says shaurya also anokhi friend and they taken relationship to next level. At that time babli says my home near from here please stop the car, Aahir stops the car and said to babli iam not a anokhi friend and iam friend of yours also so if you need any help ask me. Babli says thanks and now i don’t need but when i need your help i will call you.

Reema asking to anokhi where are going. Anokhi says date, Reema asking who comes with you. Anokhi says Shaurya, Reema feels happy. Also anokhi asking to reema please help me to find nice dress. At that time reema says shagun name, Anokhi says how she know. At home gayathri informed to devi shagun return to our college, Devi says i don’t know but shagun already she went out from shaurya life. Reema informed to anokhi shaurya sir engagement happens with shagun. Anokhi shocked. Also reema said to shagun is sharya sir ex-fianc√©. After that reema said to anokhi it’s getting late so ready for date.