Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi Meets Shagun

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 16 April 2021 Written Update begins with Shagun asking to shaurya you don’t want listen why iam return to UK. Shaurya says i don’t want your explanations but shagun says now i will leave my career and comes to India to stay with you because you are my love. Shaurya says i love someone, Shagun says i know you not move to early from me. Shaurya says no i love someone and asking to shagun go to UK and concentrate on your career and your life because lift is to short. Also shaurya said i know what happen between you and me and i know i will over reacted and you also done.

After that shaurya says once breakup those who says breakup speaks like friends and also said to shagun if you want any support from me i will help you and you go back to the UK. Also shaurya says if you want to be here we just like best collogues and given his hand and asking to shagun says good bye are thanks. But shagun asking to shaurya we let’s fresh life and holds his hands, Shaurya says i leave now but shagun says no. At that time anokhi suddenly comes to shaurya office room.

Shagun and shaurya shocked and shaurya covers the matters and introduced shagun to anokhi as a professor. Anokhi says sorry to shaurya because don’t knock the door. After that shagun said to shaurya i can leave the room. Shaurya says please call me mr.sabarwal. After that anokhi given fest theme and shaurya says ok i will asking to accountant and approve the budget and asking to anokhi leave the room. Anokhi come outside and think herself what happen to him and seen shagun and given her braclet.

After that anokhi said to shagun i will seen you before, Shagun says no. Shaurya comeoutside and listen anokhi, shagun conversation and shouts anokhi, kapoor and asking to them anything important to discussing. Anokhi says nothing. After that shaurya asking to shagun let’s come with i will introducing to you to the students. Reema identified shagun and remembers shagun is shaurya sir ex-fiancĂ©. After that reema comes to anokhi and said to her i will informed to you something. Shaurya says reema anything urgent, Reema says no.

After that shagun asking to students regarding fest any helps please ask me i will helps you. Other end babli gets message and informed to anokhi vneeth and his mom reached to the home with in 20 min and said to anokhi i will be at home with in 20 mins. Anokhi asking to her sister please informed to them you at college. Gunjan, Gayathri discussing about shagun returns and Gunjan says shaurya loves anokhi, Devi listen their words. Babli comeoutside and waiting for cab. Aahir seen her and asking to her i will drops you at home.