Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15 April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Welcomes Shagun

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 15 April 2021 Written Update begins with Shagun asking to shaurya what happen. Also shagun said please speak with me your shagun come for you. Shaurya says shagun i don’t understand and asking to her i will seen you in the rain. Shagun says yes and Shaurya asking to her what are you doing here. Anokhi still waiting for shaurya holi wishes. Shagun says i am sorry but i feel happy when you running behind me to thrown colors. Then shaurya leaves shagun and shagun asking to him please listen my words. Anokhi holds colors and searching for shaurya. Other side shaurya gets angry and thrown colors plates. Anokhi thinks herself what happens to Shaurya why shaurya leaves the college.

After that shagun also leaves the college at that time shagun touches anokhi. After that at hostel anokhi think herself what happen to PS and why leave the college. Later at home gunjan asking to shaurya what happen. Shaurya says shagun comes to college. Gunjan asking to why and Shaurya says how i know but she return to india and spoils my holi celebrations. Devi speaks with alok and says shagun apply for professor post. Before that shagun meets devi and says i will apply for professor post in your college because i don’t lose one chance to miss shaurya. After that devi said to alok at any cost shagun return to this college as a professor.

Alok says may be not possible because it’s depends on board of directors. In this board tej and shaurya also members. Devi says i will take care about tej. Gunjan listen devi and alok conversation. Day changed reema asking to anokhi still babli not return to college. Anokhi message to babli, Babli seen the message at that time babli aunty comes to her asking to babli with her for shopping. Babli acts as stomach pain and her aunt leaves her. Once her aunt leave the house babli went to the college. Shaurya return to college and try to meet anokhi and finally meet anokhi and asking to her how are you.

When shaurya speaking with anokhi one of the student said to shaurya tej sir asking to you meet at conference hall. Shaurya went to meet tej, Babli return to the college and meet her sister. Shaurya meets tej, alok. Alok said we approved one application for professor post. Shaurya asking to tej, alok who is that person. At that time shagun entered the college. After that tej approved shagun application and said to shaurya because she submit strong resume. Alok said to shaurya i will agree with tej decision but you said your opinion. At that time shaurya says welcome to out college.