Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14 April 2021 Written Update: Anokhi, Shaurya Celebrated Special Holi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 14 April 2021 Written Update begins with shaurya, anokhi. Shaurya holds anokhi and poll when fallen on the floor. Shaurya asking to anokhi why you come for me to the station. Anokhi asking to why aahir leave from jail. Before that shaurya said to aahir sorry and explains why said sorry because of anokhi comes to the station. Also Shaurya asking to the aahir don’t come between me and anokhi. Aahir says ok and Shaurya says happy holi and leave the station.

At college anokhi said happy holi to shaurya and try to leave him. Anokhi sister watching anokhi and shaurya when speaking together. After that shaurya says still not thrown colors on you and not says happy holi. Anokhi says let’s seen who thrown colors first. Shaurya says challenge accepted. After that anokhi sister asking to her iam waiting for to taken pictures, Anokhi says i am speaking with PS. Anokhi sister asking to her who is PS, Anokhi says shaurya. Then anokhi sister said to anokhi what you have to do please think before to do.

Shaurya try to thrown colors on anokhi but she escaping from shaurya. Devi seen shaurya when running behind anokhi and phone to shagun and asking to her now come to the party. Shagun entered the college and participated on holi celebrations. Other end shaurya thrown on colors anokhi, shagun seen them and starts crying and leave the college. Devi think herself i will plan for 3 days but why shagun leave the party. Gunjan think herself what to do here shaurya.

After that devi meet shagun and asking to her why you leave the college. Shagun says you know shaurya already loved who dance with him. Devi says who is she, Shagun says i know aunty shaurya loves her. Devi says don’t compare with her and trust me shaurya don’t love her. Then devi says i think you are modren girl and fight for love. Shagun says not like this and devi asking to her ok if you decided to leave this college but i know you can won. Shagun says but once seen shaurya with another women i don’t married him and says iam out of this. Devi angry on shagun and shagun leaves devi.

After that shaurya thrown colors on shagun to think anokhi and says happy holi. Shagun turns shaurya side, Shaurya shocked and shagun thrown colors on shaurya and says happy holi.

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