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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 12 June 2021 Written Update: Will Shaurya, Anokhi Reunite

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 12 June 2021 Written Update for Episode 150. Gunjan said to gayathri i think situations changed in this home to get one both shaurya and anokhi. Also gunjan says i will try to change the situations, Gayathri says both anokhi, shaurya love each other. Gunjan says both are love each other but suddenly what happen between shaurya and anokhi. Other end aastha phone to shaan and asking to him what happen between them and who did this. Also aastha said to shaan shaurya said to me because of anokhi he left the home but why he suddenly return to home and break the relationship with anokhi.

Also aastha says something happens between them. Shaan says i think shaurya don’t do a mistake and may be anokhi done anything wrong with him. Also shaan says anokhi miss yesterday night and shaurya searching for her entire night. Then aastha says anokhi don’t create problems to shaurya, Shaan says you trust only anokhi. After that gayathri says to gunjan shaurya said to tej because of anokhi i can leave the house and i trust this time nothing happen between shaan and aastha. Anokhi holds her bags and comes to aahir.

Aahir asking to anokhi why you holds bags and where are you going. Anokhi says thanks to aahir to given a room for me and went outside from room. At that time aahir try to stops anokhi, Babli comes to room and said to anokhi if iam not yet room you can change your decisions. At that time aastha comes to where anokhi is. Once aastha comes to anokhi both aahir, babli gets shocked. Aastha said to babali i will come here to listen what happen between anokhi and shaurya.

At that time babli asking to anokhi please tell me the truth why you broken relationship with shaurya. Anokhi says sorry to aastha because of me shaurya gets problems and also anokhi says from now because of me shaurya not get any problems. Aastha asking to anokhi you love shaurya but suddenly what happen. Anokhi says my first priority is studies not marriage and went to college. At college shaurya comes to anokhi but anokhi hides herself. After that students try to miss behave with anokhi and says shaurya sir leaves you. Shaurya seens students miss behave with and comes to her when she fallen on the floor.

At that time shaurya asking to students please given me water. Shagun comes to them and given water and asking to him please give me a side and i will seen her what happen. Shaurya says no, Anokhi gets conscious, Shagun says thank god anokhi shaurya reaches you exact time when you fallen on the floor. After that shaurya taken anokhi to her room, Babli asking to shaurya what happen to anokhi. Shaurya says i don’t what happen to anokhi and leaves the room. Once he leaves anokhi starts cry and says i love you PS. But suddenly shaurya says i love you too anokhi. Anokhi shock suddenly, Shaurya asking to anokhi what happen to you and what you hide from me