Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10 June 2021 Written Update: Anokhi’s Big Sacrifies

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10 June 2021 Written Update: tej asking to anokhi if you stay with shaurya and seen his fall down or stay away from him and seen his growth. Anokhi confused tej’s words and shaurya, aahir try to phone to anokhi and babli feels tension. After that shaurya said to aahir let’s phone to reema, Shaurya also phone to reema. Reema lifts shaurya phone and shaurya asking to reema anokhi with you. Reema says no and asking to shaurya anything happens. Shaurya says nothing and cut the call.

Tej said to anokhi please take some time and taken your decision. Also tej said to anokhi please taken my words as a help not a order. Other end shaurya asking to aahir did you anything about anokhi. ACP says no and anokhi return to his room and shaurya seen her and asking to her where are you going and says i love you. Later anokhi realized it’s dream. At home devi asking to tej where are you going, you know my son leaves me. Then tej says your son not leaving you and wait some time because i will meet anokhi and given some offer to her. Also tej says anokhi needs some time.

Shaurya again phone to reema and asking to her if you know about anokhi please informed to me. After that shaurya went to police station and meet with aahir and asking to him you know anything about anokhi. Aahir angry on shaurya and asking to him please calm down because if anyone know about this matter getting more problem. Anokhi went to babli house. Babli given tea to anokhi and said to her shaurya, aahir searching for you all over the city.

Anokhi says what iam do because i can’t interested to stay at hostel and room that’s why i can sit here. Babli asking to anokhi anything problem for you. At that time anokhi recall tej words and said to anokhi nothing. Also anokhi asking to babli please promise me and don’t informed to aahir, shaurya iam stay here in this house. Shaurya phone to shaan and asking to him devi mom, tej dad said anything to anokhi. Shaan says no and asking to shaurya what happen. Shaurya says anokhi not at hostel.

Aahir gets the information where anokhi is, Shaurya asking to aahir did you know anything about anokhi. But aahir says no, Babli asking to anokhi anything problem with shaurya. Aahir comes to his home and asking to anokhi, babli what are you doing at my home. Also aahir asking to anokhi did you love shaurya. Anokhi asking to aahir please don’t speaking with me now. Shaurya comes to aahir home and knock the door. Aahir open the door and asking about anokhi. Aahir finally says where anokhi is, Shaurya meets anokhi and hugs anokhi. After that anokhi purposely hurts Shaurya with her words and ends their relationship.