Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1 July 2021 Written Update: Devi gets agitated

SAAKK Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1 July 2021 Written Update for episode 166. Today episode begins with devi, aastha try to given harati to shaurya and anokhi. But devi asking to aastha i will given harati to them. Anokhi asking to aastha after marriage you both performing first ritual so you both given harati to us because we both gets you both blessings. At that time aastha holds harati plate & both shaurya and anokhi feels happy. Aastha said to anokhi before invites them to inside with one condition i.e please call me mom, Shaan said daddy. All the family members except alok, devi, tej smiles.

After that anokhi, shaurya taken aastha blessings and aastha says along with anokhi lakshmi saraswathi will enter the house. Alok says lakshmi another name is maha kali. Shaan says i will said to you few times how behave in front of family members but you don’t know. Alok says just joking. Again anokhi asking to devi please given harati to us because we need your blessings. Then devi given harati to them anokhi and shaurya taken devi blessings, shagun feels bad and anokhi, shaurya enter the house. When anokhi entered the house alok, tej feels bad and shaan says welcome home and feel free like your home.

Devi said to shaurya, anokhi first go to the temple and taken blessings and asking to misses luthra please shown where temple room is. Shagun said to devi i will also go with anokhi. When anokhi, shagun go to temple room ganjan asking to shaurya where you go now and play jokes with him. At pooja room anokhi performing pooja, shagun and luthra discussing about exam. Anokhi says both exams and shaurya equally important to me. After that shagun invites anokhi for lunch. Later devi gets agitated as anokhi back answers the relatives while they argue about devi and tej.