Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 1 April 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Gets Irked To Seen Aaahir With Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani SAAKK 1 April 2021 Written Episode Update begins with shaurya. Shaurya holds flowers and waiting for anokhi. Bebo asking to shaurya what may i order. Shaurya said anything you want. Other end aahir meet anokhi asking to we went for restaurant for lunch. Anokhi if you eat anything we eat at our hostel. Aahir said i will given treat for you. Anokhi said yes and went to the restaurant. Once reached the restaurant some one meet aahir, aahir asking to anokhi you went inside the restaurant i will come soon.

Anokhi entered restaurant where Shaurya their. Shaurya seen anokhi and decided to given flowers to her. Suddenly aahira also entered restaurant, Shuarya seen them and feels angry. After that devi come outside to meet someone. Once devi meet Shagun we meet after long days and i will welcome back you. Aahir said to anokhi i feel some good smell and it’s my favorite soup. Shagun said to devi when you call me i think don’t speak with you but you said to me we are friends now.

Devi says yes we friends and asking to shagun something happens between you and shuarya. Shagaun said to devi nothing between me and shuarya because he deny our engagement and our friendship, Till that time i can’t speak with him. Then devi said to shagun still shaurya loves you. At restaurant Shaurya asking to students it’s getting late because we still not our order. One of the student said to Shaurya neat this restaurant nice hotel is their we went their.

Shaurya says yes and thrown flowers on the floor. Devi said to shagun i will try to help you. Shagun said to devi it’t not impossible, Devi says it’s possible. Then shagun says once our relationship ends we can’t talk each other. Devi says it’s not over. Shuarya said to his sisters i will call you later, Restaurant staff said to aahir one of the table empty now let’s sit their. Shagun asking to devi shaurya sent to here to meet me. Devi said no but you know very well how shaurya is. Shagun says it’s time waste and i am sorry, i have to leave. Devi asking to shagun please tell me one thing and asking to her you still love shuarya.

Shagin seen devi side and crying. After that shaurya re entered to restaurant, Anokhi think herself why Shaurya follow me. After that Anokhi asking to shaurya sir what are you doing here, Shaurya said hello ACP. Aahir asking to shaurya you must interested my job. Shagun said to devi shaurya hates me, Devi says no Shaurya loves you and believe me.