Shaurya And Anokhi Ki Kahani 25 March 2021 Written Update: Shaurya Convinces Anokhi

Shaurya And Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK) 25 March 2021 Episode begins with Shaurya said sorry to anokhi, Anokhi asking to why you said sorry. Then shaurya said to anokhi what iam said to intially is wrong so i would say sorry. Anokhi asking to shaurya you would say sorry to me with your heart. Shaurya say yes. Then anokhi says because your words your student try to leave the college & why would you say wrong words to me. Then shaurya thinks anokhi said thanks to ACP Aahir.

After that Shaurya holds anokhi hands and asking to what you know and why would you speak so much words and who try to speak with you when you are in unconscious and who taken you to the hospital and asking to your ACP. Then anokhi says you taken me to the hospital, Shaurya said please don’t think about me wrong. After that both anokhi, shaurya stands silently and seen each other faces. Later ACP Ahir and Aastha reached the place, ACP Ahir said to Aastha still anokhi not reached kapurthala. After that Aastha said thanks to ACP Ahir.

Shaurya asking to anokhi please come with i will drop you where you want. ACP said to Aastha your house is so beatutiful. At that time Aastha recognized a flower buckeye and remembered 3 years back shaan also send this type flower buckeye to me. ACP asking to Aastha what you remembered, Aastha says nothing and asking to him please come to home. Other end Anokhi said to Shaurya i will comes to chandigarh with you.

At home devi holds a cake and asking to gunjan let’s arranged everything for the party. Aastha phone to anokhi and asking to her where are you. Anokhi said to Aastha i will return to chandigrah. Aastha to listen Anokhi words feels happy and said to her take care yourself but where you stay their. Shauryaa said at hotel. Anokhit said i don’t have money. Aastha said ok and stay at hostel. Anokhi says no place at hostel and said Aastha i will speak with you later.

At home devi said gayathri i feel good today because Aastha and her student went to kapurthala and know problems for Shaurya. Devi phone to Shaan but Shaan listen old songs while driving and don’t lift the phone. After that Devi phone to Shaurya and asking to him where are you, said to him come to home for dinner. Shaurya said ok and off the phone.