Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Specifications Highlights Design details unveils

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 specifications Highlights First Look Accessories details unveils. Check details here which is provided by makers. At Samsung official website makers explains respective smart phone highlights, design, experience, accessorizes details individually.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Highlights is folded it’s phone, unfolded it’s tablet and Also, flexed for infinite possibilities. When fold shut this phone cutting edge smartphone with 15.81 CM (6.2) Screen. The expansive displaying gives you more space to play games, type texting, speak video calls.

The main screen made from Samsung Ultra thin glass, The 19.27cm (7.6) Foldable display opens to deliver the high colors of dynamic AMOLED. The screen emits less blue light, So you can unfold to a tablet-sized viewing experience and enjoy for hours on end.  While minimizing eye strain.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Specifications

One more highlight of the phone is flex mode viewing. If fold Galaxy Z Fold2 at an angle and hold it any way you like-or not hold it all. Simply fold it to use flex view on the main screen and make a hands-free video call with Google Duo or Flip to Cover view on the front to comfortable watch your favorite show.

Next Highlight is App Continuity. If open an app on the cover screen, then unfold to see it on the bigger screen with an optimized UI. The two displays work seamlessly to maintain app continuity

With the upgraded multi-window layout and App Continuity, you can multitask with two apps on the Cover Screen, move it to the Main Screen, open a third app with Split Screen and then simply tap to work or play where you need to

Complete specifications, design and accessories details and experience details visit Samsung official website i.e

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