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Sahodaya Pre Board Question Papers Class 10 All Subjects PDF Download

Last updated on 16th May 2020


Sahodaya Pre Board Question Papers Class 10: Sahodaya Pre Board Examination 10th Class English, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Social Science Question Papers. Bangalore Shodaya Schools Complex Model Question Papers released by authority. So students download question papers, check examination pattern.

WEIGHTAGES To Form Of Questions 

  • Very Short Answers (VA)- Number Of Questions-7, Each question carry – 1 mark- Total Marks- 7
  • Short Answer (SA)- 3 Marks Each Questions- 11 number of questions- Total Marks-33
  • Long Answer (LA)- 5 Marks Each Questions- 7 number of questions- 35 Total Marks
  • MAP Question (MQ)- 2 Marks Each Type- 01 number of questions- 05 Total Marks

Total marks for pre board examination is 80 marks. For more details visit official website.

Sahodaya Pre Board Question Papers Class 10

Model Question Papers

1). What is the inception of halloween

2). When is halloween celebrated

3). How did halloween evolve over time

4). What is the significance of samhain

5). What is the origin of halloween

6). What is the significance of November 1 for the celts?

7). How were cetrain prophecies a cause of comfort to the druids, or celtic prisets


8). What did the celts attempt to do during the celebration

9). The story of patol babu highlights the importance of passion and satisfaction.

10). The poem ‘Sanke’ teaches us the lesson that to move forward one needs to forget old age prejudice and love nature and it’s creation fully. Explain

11). Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. Write the answer in your answer sheet in one or two lines only.

  • A). Tortured by doubt and remorse, He sat down in the glow of the charocal sigri to wait
  • B).who sat by the charcoal sigri
  • C). Why is he tortured by remorse
  • D). What was his doubt
  • E). What is he waiting for and why

Sahodaya Pre Board Class 10 Question Papers

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