Tokyo Olympics 2020: S. Gnanasekaran vs S.H. Lam Round 2 Table Tennis Game. Hong Kong Player Won The Match

India in Tokyo Olympics 2020 Day 2 (25th July 2021) Live Updates. Table Tennis Men’s Single Round 2 game between S. Gnanasekaran vs S.H. Lam (Hong Kong). In this game intial set won by hong kong player Lam Siu Hang (11-7). After that Indian player won 3 sets continually (11-7, 11-4, 11-5). After that both players played well to gain the points but finally 5th set won again hong kong player (11-9).

Here it is the 6th Set updates i.e In this set 1st point score by S.H. Lam. Later Gnanasekaran scored 3 points in regular intervals. Again Hong Kang player scored 6 points and standing in leading position in round 6. After that Sathiyan gain 3 points in a row. In game 6 hong kong player won the set (12-10) and match went for final set.

Game 7 Live Updates Indian Player gain 1st point. S.H Lam also scored 2 points in regular intervals. After that Sathiyan scored another point but again hong kong player went to lead (6-4). In final game Hong Kong player won points in regular points and won the game finally.