Railway Protection Force Issues guidelines for travelers amid festive season

Railway Protection Forces issues new guidelines for travers because of amid festive season. Every one across the India travel on trains in this festival season they must follow the guidelines strictly to prevent the COVID-19. other wise they published as per the Railway Act. Willful omission or neglect of these acts may be punished with imprisonment and or fine under the section 145, 153 & 154 of railway act 1989.

Public to desist from the following while on railway premises or trains i.e Not wearing a mask or wearing it improperly, Not maintaining social distancing. Visit railway station/ area or boarding a train while awaiting COVID test results or having been tested positive. Boarding a train after being denied travel by the health check-up team at the railway station.

Spitting or willful ejection of body fluid/ waste in public areas. Activities which may create unclean or unhygienic conditions or affect public health & safety. Not adhering to any of the guidelines issued by railway administration. Any other act or omission likely to aid in the spread of coronavirus.

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