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Radha Mohan 28 March 2023 Written Update; Gungun holds radha hands

Radha Mohan 28 March 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates spoiler begins with begins with Radha glaring at Bhushan as he gives her a filthy look. Gungun firmly grips Radha’s hands as the Trivedi family gathers to burn the Holika. Damini makes a frown as she realises that Radha’s good fortune has once again spared her from the perverse Mother Ji.

When Kadambari requests Mohan and Radha to get up together to perform the adoration, Damini’s skin crawls with resentment. She then makes the decision to speak with Bhushan late at night and asks him to make sure Radha experiences the worst day of her life tomorrow. The celebration of Holi gets underway at Trivedi Nivas the following day with Gungun hurling water balloons at Mohan, who is taken aback by her sudden attack.

In the meantime, as Radha gets dressed, she considers Ketki and how uneasy she has felt since Bhushan’s arrival. As everyone leaves the house to play Holi, Radha is approached by Bhushan, who gives her an evil grin and declares that he will be the one to colour her fast today. Nevertheless, Radha yells and slaps him away before he can even touch her, drawing Mohan’s attention. Will Mohan accept it and assist Radha in exposing Bhushan’s perverse side?