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Prime Minister Modi approved the establishment of 157 government nursing colleges

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet Committee approved the establishment of 157 government nursing educational institutions. These soon-to-be-built nursing institutions will be situated alongside the current medical colleges constructed by the Modi administration since 2014. The government’s initiative seeks to graduate around 15,700 nursing students each year. This would alleviate rural-urban disparities in the health sector and expand career opportunities for nurses throughout the country.

Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya stated during a news conference that the ministry intends to finish the project within the next 24 months. Aside from that, they have specific timeframes for each stage of project planning and implementation. The government has put aside Rs 1,570 crore for the establishment of these nursing institutes. Mansukh Mandaviya stated during the conference that “the Government of India plans to open a new nursing college for each medical college and school.

The state governments and union territories are responsible for keeping the Union Health Ministry updated on the physical progress of the work on a regular basis. The Union┬áHealth Minister stated at a news conference, “A budget of Rs 10 crores will be allocated for the establishment of a new nursing institute for each medical college in India.” All three categories of nursing will be taught at the institute: Midwifery, General Midwifery, and BSc Nursing.