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Powerball Results 26 January 2021: Check today display balls in drawn order

South Africa Powerball Results 26 January 2021 release today (Tuesday) after 3.00 PM at official website. Check winning numbers and roll over drawn order once announce the results, follow the authorized portal for upcoming updates regarding South Africa Lotto. For more updates about respective powerball prize breakdown follow online zeal study web portal.

Past SA Powerball Results is released on 22nd January 2021. The powerball winning numbers is 11, 14, 36, 37, 44, 19 and 2X Rollover and full prize breakdown Match 5 Plus Powerball Winner is 0, Match 5 Winner is 1, Match 4 Plus Powerball is 22, Match 4 Winner is 322, Match 3 Plus Powerball Winners is 731, Match 3 Winners is 15,929. Also, Match 2 Plus Powerball is 11,285.

Also, Match 1 Plus Powerball 59, 130 and Prize Per Winner is 59,130 and Match 0 Plus Powerball Winners is 97,305. Powerball Draw Number is 1165, Machine Name Used: RNG 2, Total Tickets Sales is 17, 639,065. For today Powerball winning number updates follow zeal study. Once winning numbers are out provided display balls in drawn order.

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