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Poker Lotto Winning Numbers June 27 2021: Estimated Jackpot is $130,714.40

Poker Lotto Winning Numbers June 27 2021 release time is 9.45 PM Eastern Time. Estimated Jackpot is $130,739.20, Each ticket has two chances to win. So who are looking for winning numbers they are all required to visit official website and if matches ticket numbers then claim your prize before the last date.

Past Poker Lotto Numbers released on June 26, 2021 and numbers is J (Red Heart), 6 Black Spades), J (Red Diamond), A (Black Spades), 4 (Red Heart). According to the official website prize payout breakdown nightly draw cash winners is 7,040. No one matches 5/5 and 13 tickets won 4/5, Tickets won 430 is 3/5 matches, Tickets Won 6,597 is 2/5 matches.

About the lotto is POKER LOTTO is a Watch ‘n Win lotto game that features two chances to win! Go ALL-IN for an extra $1 for your chance to win the growing jackpot. To know more details about this lotto please visit official site only.